Maintop Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 with companies both in Wuhan and Beijing. Maintop is the innovation platform formed by  a group of creative skillful and persistent researchers. The company employs nearly 100 professionals, 60% of whom are software and hardware researchers and engineers.

Maintop specializes in digital printing, digital printing software and hardware system research and development for more than ten years. The production line involves typesetting, newspaper publishing,  anti-counterfeit printing, variable data printing, database form processing, printer monitoring and management. Maintop products are widely used in advertising industry , printing and publishing, enterprise integrated printing, office printing, documents and bill printings and so on.

Maintop successfully integrates printing software technology with hardware platform to realize the customization for wide format print controlling devices in the filed of domestic printer manufacturing. With the help of our cooperation with HP/Konica/Xaar/Spectra technical sources, Maintop has focused on the development of software and hardware products of inkjet printing system for several years. Various ink-jet printing heads have been applied to outdoor ink-jet printing machines and online industrial printers.

Maintop is always committed to the independent research and development of digital technology firmly in the field of printing, at the same time also providing a variety of high-tech printing on business applications

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